NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) equipment

NH3, or anhydrous ammonia, is composed of 2 elements: nitrogen and hydrogen. Together, they form a colourless gas that is commonly used as fertilizer in the agricultural sector.

We carry all the necessary and nice-to-have equipment and accessories for anhydrous ammonia, from NH3 hoses and valves to pumps, compressors, filters and everything in between. 

If you can't find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact us - we will gladly help you get the NH3 products and equipment you need.


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With the right compressor, it is possible to recover up to 100% of NH3 vapour during tank-to-tank transfers. Take a look at our selection of NH3 compressors and find the right one for you.


Couplings differ greatly in the features and the advantages they provide in NH3 service - from pull-away and flashing prevention to fast filling and simple connection. See our couplings here.


Filters and strainers extend and preserve the life and functionality of gas equipment by preventing foreign materials from entering crucial points. Here you can see our selection of NH3 filters.


Undetected gas leaks can have catastrophic consequences, so gas detection equipment is crucial. This is our selection of safety devices to detect and alert in case of a gas leak.


For NH3/anhydrous ammonia transfers, hoses need superior durability and flexible qualities to sustain the high-pressure product and prevent blowouts. See our NH3 hoses here.


Gauges, switches, transmitters and level indicators enable control over the conditions inside tanks and NH3 applications - both pressure, temperature and level of product.


Flexible loading and unloading using swivel jointed pipe systems to transfer NH3 - with long reach and ease of connection. Go to this section to see our loading arms for anhydrous ammonia.


Meters are used for liquid or vapour measurements of NH3 consumption depending on the type of meter - such as diaphragm, turbine or rotary displacement.


Our pumps for NH3 enable counter gravitational transfers and pipe transfers across longer distances, while containing the NH3 to ensure safe operation. Read about the pumps here.


Here you will find a selection of some of the N3 valves we can supply, regardless of it being for safety enhancement, throttling, shut-on, shut-off or control of flow.


They are not strictly necessary, but they are certainly nice to have. These devices increase the 'cool' factor of your application for NH3. See our accessories for NH3 applications here.