Valves for NH3

Here you will find a selection of some of the valves we can supply, regardless of it being for safety enhancement, throttling, shut-on or off or control of flow.

Ball valves

Simple and fast acting valves for on/off operations. A 90-degree turn of the lever fully permits or restricts the flow of gas, allowing the isolation of pipeline sections for maintenance etc.

Bypass valves

To prevent pumps and installation components from damage caused by a build-up of overpressure, bypass valves allow the pressure to be equalised and allow easy maintenance.

Internal valves

As a safety measure in gas tanks, these safety devices shut off flow in case of ruptured hoses or accidents. We can help you define the most suitable kit for your application.

Needle valves

An ideal way to protect the delicate gauges in pipework from pressure surges and the damage they can cause. They allow you to accurately control flow and pressure of liquid and vapour.

Vent valves

Bleeds off trapped liquid and helps indicate when a tank is filled to its limit. Oftentimes they are used together with globe and angle valves in gas systems.