MAKEEN Energy acquires Kroch Equipment from Rochester Gauges

We are strengthening our gas equipment business even more by signing an agreement to acquire Kroch Equipment from Belgium. This newest acquisition is aimed at growing our European gas equipment business and services.  

Reinforcing global presence and volume

Kroch Equipment with a base in Belgium will in the future be part of MAKEEN Energy. Kroch Equipment thus becomes the latest branch of our gas equipment division, which supplies gas components and other commodities as well as service and consultancy for the gas industry worldwide.

"The gas equipment business is a strategic focus area for which we have ambitious goals, and with the acquisition of Kroch Equipment, our gas equipment division will become even more powerful in Europe. The company will be managed by Tiago Leão Machado who has more than 20 years of experience in the gas equipment business as General Manager of our existing operations in Portugal." - Bo Larsen, CCO, MAKEEN Energy.

Mutual advantages and synergies

The acquisition of Kroch Equipment adds extra volume and new business areas to our gas equipment division.  By building on its physical locations and its relations to the market, the European gas equipment business can now be further strengthened by developing the service area and offering added value to the European customers in particular – from purchase, consultancy and delivery to installation and on-site services. 

High expertise and technical knowledge, combined with many years in the business, means that Kroch Equipment holds a strong position with many of the major suppliers. Kroch Equipment and MAKEEN Energy can therefore achieve substantial synergies in relation to key suppliers, both in terms of higher volume as well as a broader geographical area.  

“Giving Kroch new opportunities to develop and extend business while being part of a larger structure, this acquisition will enable Kroch equipment to spread its wings, providing extended services and an extra range of products to the benefit of the industry”Lionel Pierre, MD, Kroch Equipment

Facts about Kroch Equipment

  • Kroch Equipment was founded in 1931 and has for many years been part of the Rochester Gauges. Rochester Gauges is a manufacturer of gauges and sensors that measure liquid levels in various applications, such as stationary tanks, forklifts, RV’s, lawn and garden equipment, tractors, heavy-duty on-road and off-road, marine and personal aircraft.  Rochester has manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Warwick, UK; Brussels, Belgium with a sales office in Shanghai, China.
  • Kroch Equipment is a warehouse distributor of in-process, transfer and control equipment for the oil and gas industry.
  • The company has an extensive experience in preventive & corrective services, know-how in the engineering and manufacture of compression and pumping units in conformity with the European directives such as PED, ATEX and Machine 2006/42/CE.
  • Currently, Kroch Equipment has office and stock in Belgium.