Important information about Coronavirus/COVID-19

At KC ProSupply, we are taking the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic extremely seriously, and we aim to do everything we can to limit its spread while still providing our customers and partners with the same high-quality services and products. There will, however, be certain changes in how we operate while this situation is unfolding. Read the information below to learn more.

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Our mother company, MAKEEN Energy, has also released a general statement that concerns the operation and practices of all its companies and branches, including KC ProSupply.

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Dear Customer,

With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all in a completely extraordinary and historically critical situation.
KC ProSupply and our parent company, MAKEEN Energy, are actively supporting the government and health authority efforts to limit the spread of the virus and the possible consequences that may follow.


At KC ProSupply, we will endeavour to keep the offices and warehouses running so that we can continue to serve our customers as well as possible under the given circumstances. Some employees now work from home but are connected to our systems so that you as a customer can get the advice you are used to.
If you want to get in touch with us, it is best done by e-mail at or at our main phone numbers (see the box above). We can of course also be contacted at our personal e-mail addresses, which are provided on our website:
United Kingdom
For safety's sake, we have decided to limit visits to and from our offices and warehouses as much as possible. If you need to pick up goods, please follow the signs / instructions set up for the goods delivery and pick-up, or contact the reception, who will guide you.

Item stock situation:

Fortunately, we have many parts in stock and with our partners at home and abroad. However, we foresee that delays must be expected in the long term, as international flights are significantly reduced, and the freight companies must find alternative solutions.
Our suppliers and partners face exactly the same challenges as we do, but everyone promises to do what they can to maintain production and delivery of goods.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the above or any other questions.

Stay safe,
KC ProSupply