With the energy industry as our home ground, nothing stands still. On this page, you find an overview of news and information about KC ProSupply and our equipment and components for the gas industry.


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Record results for 2017

We are proud to be part of MAKEEN Energy. The results from the financial year 2017 have now been approved, and a turnover of DKK 1 billion (~ EUR 136M) breaks all previous records!

KC ProSupply is now in Argentina

For the past two years, Festus S.A. has been supplying the Argentinian and Uruguayan markets with high-quality products for the gas industry. Now, Festus is ready to take their business to the next level by partnering up with the global provider of gas-related products, KC ProSupply, Kosan Crisplant's commercial division dedicated to the worldwide sale of high-quality gas equipment and components.