Liquefied Natural Gas / LNG equipment

Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is natural gas that has been cooled to -162°C (-259°F), turning it into a liquid and compressing its volume to 1/600. This process makes it a convenient fuel for trucks, ships and other usages - while being very low in harmful emissions when burned.

Being such a cold substance, LNG requires special-made equipment and components that can withstand the low temperatures. Our LNG products include everything from LNG hoses, LNG valves and LNG pressure regulators to accessories, LNG filling guns and LNG metering equipment. All of them are made by leading suppliers with great attention to safety and quality as well as all the necessary certifications.

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For secure and easy fuelling of LNG, you need high-quality equipment with excellent cold insulation. Here you can find the right LNG filling nozzles that ensure safe and simple operation.


For safe transfer of LNG, you need hoses that are built for the job. These LNG hoses make sure that your operation is both safe, efficient and free from leaks. See our hoses here.


Keep track of how much LNG you have left with equipment for simplified monitoring of LNG consumption - available for both vapour and liquid. Browse our metering products here.


Prevention of back flow, throttling and positive shut-off are just some of the functionalities available in our selection of high-quality LNG valves. See our valves for LNG here.


LNG service takes a toll on the valves and other parts of the system. Here you can find additional devices and repair kits for maintenance and care of LPG apporications.