Valves for LNG

Prevention of back flow, throttling and positive shut-off are just some of the functionalities available in the high-quality LNG conformed valve selection. Name the valve and rest assured ProSupply can provide it.

Swing check valves (brass)

These valves get their unique name from using a swinging disc to restrict flow to only one direction, activated by fluid flow in the pipeline. Highly suited for medium velocity/high flow uses.

Cryogenic valves

Multi-purpose valves are perfect for all applications as they are available in many functionalities. In-line shut-off, vent, hose drain or liquid fill are some of those functionalities.

Female QDV

Fuel line venter, located on the dispensers at LNG refuelling stations, that interlocks easily with a male counterpart for fast connecting and disconnecting of fuelling lines.

Male QDV

Vent coupler for tank installation. They are commonly installed into LNG tanks for simplified re-fuelling where they interlock with their female counterparts for optimal service.