With over 70 years in the gas industry, KC CPI is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise in LPG. The company was founded in 1946 by former technical managers from different oil companies in Portugal. Their knowledge about the needs of oil companies and their lack of suppliers opened up a business opportunity, and they created Consórcio Português Intercontinental S.A., which soon adopted the brand name CPI. Back then, they focused on the supply of components for liquid or gaseous networks with special emphasis on combustible products and industrial gases.

After becoming part of the Kosan Crisplant Group in 2008 and its subsequent name change to CPI, its primary focus has been on tailor-made equipment skids (compressors, pumps, emergency skids, etc.).

As part of KC ProSupply, the CPI team manages a distribution centre in Portugal for quick delivery to clients in more than 20 countries. KC CPI mainly covers Africa, Southern Europe, South America and parts of the Middle East.


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