Human error has caused accidents during many pressure relief valve exchanges. With the Safeswap, these accidents are a thing of the past.

The smell of safety

With its modest size and superior efficiency, our odorant delivery system is a great choice for all but the largest filling operations. To make it even better, we have combined it with Kosan Crisplant's own CUC software to allow easy monitoring and control.

Liquid and vapour transfer made safe and easy

A trusty compressor is an indispensable part of maintaining the health and safety of your tanks and valves. That is why we have created a portable compressor that is as reliable as it is efficient: The GEM.

RegO® low emission products

RegO® has designed a line of low-emission products, which all help to keep unnecessary emissions to an absolute minimum. KC ProSupply is pleased to bring you this series of exquisite products.

Thermoflex - The practical pipe solution

Gone are the days of having to check the corrosion levels and x-raying the welding on your underground steel pipes. Thermoflex LPG pipes eliminate all these drudgeries and pack an array of advantages to boot.