A career at KC ProSupply

We are proud of our company - and especially the people who are part of it. They are the minds and hands behind both our responsible energy solutions and our global culture. On this site, you can learn more about the people at KC ProSupply - who is a part of MAKEEN Energy - and the possibilities of joining in as a new member of our family.

Job openings

Good people create good results. Therefore, we are always looking for the best people to join our team. Check out the current job openings on MAKEEN Energy's website to see if your profile could be a match - with us or other parts of the organisation. 

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Unsolicited application

If you do not find something that matches your qualifications and job expectations among our openings, feel free to contact us anyway. Even though we haven't put it in writing, we might still need you. Send your unsolicited application and your CV to KC ProSupply and tell us how your energy and skills could fit with our organisation.

A career at KC ProSupply - a part of MAKEEN Energy

We are part of MAKEEN Energy, a world-leading house of energy. As a result, our employees have colleagues all over the world. Despite being in different countries doing different jobs, they all share our culture - and the global career opportunities.

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